The Mandorla Art Award

The Mandorla Art Review is Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize with a $25,000 major acquisitive prize.

This year the theme is “Micah 6:6”, a passage in the Bible that reminds us to walk humbly through life.

The winning artwork is “8200 Souls” by Britt Mikkelsen, which you can see here. It is a 3-dimensional transparent object made of resin, shaped like an unidentified person squatting on the floor, draped in a fabric full of holes. It is illuminated from within and the light shines out through the holes, representing the thousands of faceless, homeless people.

Resembling the Virgin Mary, the impact is powerful and I believe the next time I walk past a homeless person I will be reminded of the magnitude of people existing in similar circumstances.

A picture speaks a thousand words!