The No Crocodile Hour: Jan 2020

You are invited to the Esperanto League of WA’s next NEKROKODILA HORO.

We are going to meet at the First Edition Cafe inside the State Library of WA at 10am on Saturday 25th January.

Settle in, order a coffee and/or a cake and come 10:30 we are going to put the crocodiles to sleep. Yes, that’s right, for the next hour, the only words that pass our lips will be Esperanto words.

Learning a language is difficult without practicing your listening and speaking skills. We hope that these monthly gatherings are great exercise for all of us.

If you are a new learner and only know a few words, or an introvert who doesn’t want to speak in a group, that’s fine. Just listen. You’ll hear the language used and there’ll be opportunity to ask questions before and after the hour. Bring your dictionary (or your phone with an app!) and a notepad to write down all the new words you use.